Dufan is really a pleasurable park positioned in Ancol, arung jeram dufan North Jakarta, Indonesia. It truly is similar to the Disneyland or the Universal Studio. It’s got lots of sights and exciting rides you could take pleasure in in case you have a single day to spend in Jakarta. Dufan is short for “Dunia Fantasi” or in English: “Fantasy World”

The nice coincidence regarding the identify Dufan is it’s pronounced as “Do Fun”. In order to mention that you visit Dufan to “do fun”.

Dufan is situated within the large leisure and leisure elaborate in Ancol, a place by the shore of North Jakarta. The advanced is named “Taman Impian Jaya Ancol” or in English: “Jaya Ancol Aspiration Park”. During the leisure complicated, besides Dufan, they’ve a number of hotels and a sea-side cottage, a golf training course, the Atlantis Drinking water Park, the SeaWorld, the Samudra Dolphin Attraction, and plenty of far more.

Now, back to Dufan. The fun park Dufan has many rides and points of interest for that youthful and previous. Youngsters can get pleasure from protected rides such as large carousel, although adolescents and grown ups can enjoy the extra thrilling rides, such as the roller coaster. Rides which you can discover at Dufan:

Bianglala: it can be a major ferris wheel in which you can sit at the finish of 1 with the big spokes, and because it normally takes you large up, you’ll be able to begin to see the attractive check out on the sea for the north plus the land to the south.

Kora-Kora: this experience can be a giant ship that swings you to and from, up and down. A few of the riders actually reach a perpendicular position for the ground. It really is frequently called “The Pirate Ship”. As you are taken substantial up, as well as the swing variations course, you happen to be sure to feel weightlessness.

Hysteria: with this experience, you sit and so are taken quite higher up a significant column, then the journey drops you like you ended up slipping down quick.

Istana Boneka: it is the Doll Palace, in which you’ll find countless large-sized animatronic dolls. This can be the equal of “It’s a little World” in Disneyland. It truly is suited to youngsters.

Twister: the top Spin, mainly because it is more extensively recognized, induces quite higher gravity accelerations. You may receive the thrill within your daily life here.

… and many far more rides and sights.

The doorway price to Dufan is Rp one hundred eighty,000 (all around US$ 21) on week-ends or Rp 150,000 (all around US$ 18) on week-days. Should you can be a fun-loving man or woman and never ever get drained of fun rides, you can often buy an yearly move which would be quite a preserving if you plan to go there incredibly typically.

If you’re in Jakarta, with all over US$ forty five, you can get a cab, drop by Ancol and expend just one complete day at Dufan. Once you end, there will be loads of taxis waiting in the exit of Dufan, this means you you should not really have to concern yourself with finding back in your resort. With that amount, you need to have sufficient to cover Ancol and Dufan entrance expenses as well as the taxi fares furthermore meals.